How to send money with Western Union

Western Union is the biggest International money transfer company with its network spread across 200 countries with over 500,000 agent location. The company has been in the business for last 167 years and is a well-known and reliable brand in this business. It has its agent locations at almost every corner of the world and now with the reach of the internet, it is even easier to send money to your family or friends with just a few clicks. It offers various options to its users for paying and receiving their money and almost anyone can use Western Union to transfer their money to any part of the world. Let’s explore these options to see how can you easily send money with Western Union?

Online money transfer

The most popular options is their online and mobile app-based money transfer service. It is also the most convenient one. You can access their website or app anywhere and initiate the transfer. You have to register yourself before you can make any transfers. After registering you have to click “Send Money” to initiate the transfer and fill in the details like the country you are sending money to, the amount you wish to transfer, payment method and how the receiver will collect the money. All of these factors are responsible for determining the transfer fee for the transaction. Once all the details are filled you can review them and make payments.

How to send money with Western Union

Payment options

Even in an online transfer, you can choose to pay at the agent location in cash. You can also pay with your debit/credit card or straight from the bank account.

Options for collecting funds

The receiver can collect the money from the nearest agent location by visiting there in person along with their government ID. The transferred money can also be sent directly to the receiver’s bank account and in some countries to their mobile wallet.

Money transfer at the agent location

Those who don’t have access to the internet or online banking can also avail the facility of WU by visiting its local agent’s office. They need to bring the required information like the receiver’s name and address and their own personal ID. The payment can be made in cash, by debit or credit cards, or through the bank account. The transferred fund can be received in any of the ways as in the online money transfer.

Money transfer over the phone

You can transfer your money within the US over the phone using the Western Union Money Transfer Hotline. With just one call you can initiate the transfer. You have to dial into the hotline number and enter the required information of the person you are sending money to and your credit/debit card information to complete the transfer.

Western Union Money transfer at Wal-Mart

In Canada, you have the facility for sending or receiving money from Western Union at Wal-Mart stores. The chain of Wal-Mart stores all across Canada serves as an agent location for WU. The services can be availed at the customer service desk of any of the Wal-Mart store. Apart from convenience the customers also get 5% discount on the transfer fee if they transfer money at Wal-Mart. One can send up to a sum of Canadian $7500 and receive Canadian $5000 from a Wal-Mart store.

Transfer fee

The transfer fee in Western Union varies significantly on a number of factors. The country where the money is sent, currency, payment method and the way receiver collects the money are the factors which decide the transfer fee. It is usually cheaper to send money from a bank account and deposit it to the receiver’s bank account. The fee varies from minimum $5 to over $100 in some cases. Before you start the transfer you should check the transfer fee at Western Union Price Estimator to see which method will cost you less transfer fee. If the options suit you then you can save a lot of money on each transfer.

Transfer fee


With Western Union, you can transfer a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $5000 and the transfer may be completed within minutes but in some cases, it may take a maximum of 3-5 business days. The time of transfer depends on the country where the money is being transferred, the mode of payment and the mode of receiving the fund. Using Western Union you can also transfer money to an inmate in a correction unit. Western Union has really made life easier for many who regularly need to send money to other countries.

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