How to send money from India to the USA

Every year thousands of Indian head to the USA to pursue higher studies, career or a business opportunity and leave their families behind. While being separated, they constantly need financial help from each other. Earlier it used to be a difficult task when someone had to send money abroad, but these days it is as simple as any other money transaction. The numerous online options had made it so easy for us that now it takes only a few minutes and the funds are transferred to whoever we want in any part of the world. If you also send money to somebody in the US from India you must explore the options available to you which can give you a better deal and save money for you. In this article, we will assess and compare few popular options through which we can send money from India to the US.

Wire transfer through Banks

One of the oldest and most trusted ways in India for sending money abroad is through Bank wire transfer. Despite being cumbersome many people still go to the bank as they can trust the bank with their money and are doubtful about newly found institutions for fund transfer. There are few banks who will allow even the non-members to make wire transfer with them while some will offer this service to their customers only. You will have to fill in an application for a wire transfer or a Foreign Currency Demand Draft (FCDD). Typically a wire transfer costs more than FCDD. You may also need to show your ID proof, account details and the beneficiary details. In some cases, you may be asked for the reason for sending money along with its proof. Some banks have this facility through their online banking platform as well and you can look for these services online and proceed from there. You can pay with cash, debit/credit card or with a check. The money can be sent directly to the recipient’s bank account or delivered as a check.

How to send money from India to the USA


TransferWise is another popular mean of fund transfer especially for those who don’t want to visit a bank. You can process your transfer online. The recipient also gets the money directly in the bank account. After you have signed up in your TransferWise online account you can start the transfer. Select the amount you wish to transfer you can see the transfer fee and exchange rates you will be getting. You will further have to enter the details of the recipient. Once all the details are fed you can just pay and your transfer is complete. You can also see how much time it will take for the funds to get delivered. TransferWise gives the best exchange rates as compared to other service providers in the league.



PayPal is rapidly getting famous and becoming the most preferred mean of transferring funds in India these days. Both the sender and receiver should have a PayPal account in order to send or receive money. Anyone can get a PayPal account in few simple steps and can get the funds transferred. In India, you need to link your PAN number with your PayPal account for monitoring your international transactions. You will also have to link your credit/debit card and bank account in order to send or receive funds. It takes a maximum of 3 business days to send money to the US from India. In India, PayPal does not charge anything for sending money however you have to pay 4.4% of the transferred fund and $.03 as fee if you receive funds through PayPal. You also can’t make any personal transfer from your Indian PayPal account to the US. However, if you have received any invoice or payment request from the US you can send them money with your PayPal account.


Since now everything is online, more and more people are inclined towards online options for fund transfer. Banks have also moved to the online transaction and are now equally accessible as TransferWise and PayPal. But as compared to TransferWise and PayPal, banks charges higher transfer fee and their exchange rates are also not as good. Banks give 2-4% lower exchange rates than mid-market rate whereas TransferWise offers real mid-market exchange rate. However, while sending money people tend to look at other things as well along with fee and exchange rates. It’s not always possible to point to the best service provider but looking at different aspects which we discussed, you can select the service provider which is best suited for you.

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